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Where to Sell Modern Art to Get the Best Price

Many people think that modern art and contemporary art is one and the same. It is not. Modern […]

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Safety Tips To Sell American Art Online: Keep Away From Art Scams

Back in the day, artists were limited to, information on how, when and where they could sell their […]

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How to Ascertain Whether Art is Original, a Reproduction or Fake

Five Easy Tips to Distinguish Antique Art If you are an avid art enthusiast, you’ll want to be […]

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Professional knowledge of Antique Art, Antique Painting Buyers & Antique Painting Dealers

Antique art buyers and antique painting dealers need to learn all about the value of art in order […]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Chinese Art and Antiques

Chinese art and antiques are among the most amazing, yet complicated, type of items to collect in the […]

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