A traditional way to introduce Chinese & Japanese culture!

When discussing about Asian artwork, the first thing that comes to mind is the geniuses who created such […]

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Which antique and vintage paintings are worth buying and selling?

Do you know? The world’s most popular and expensive old paintings are rare to be found. And just […]

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The evolving trend of American Folk Art- An era of traditional paintings

American folk art- An inspiration of aesthetic that reflects the cultural life of people. However, the beauty of […]

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How to buy and sell antique paintings at auction- Beginner’s guide

The most expensive antique art of the era is Salvador Mundi, painted by Leonardo Da Vinci, which was […]

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Where you can get your art valued and appraised for Free?

To know where the best place is to get the arts valued for free, dive in below to […]

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Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Antique Oil Painting Identification

One of the most common questions I get from art collectors and dealers is whether a work is […]

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How and where to find antique paintings for sale near you?

Why do people buy art? If this is your question, you must be in the game of selling […]

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Art Demystified: 5 Rules That Make a Painting Valuable

A painting is an expression of the human desire to create. It is an effort to immortalize a […]

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The Best Places to Sell Precious Antique Art Items

If you have an exotic antique art item that really cannot be kept with you any longer, contact […]

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Local Art Buyers Near Me Where Can I Sell My Paintings and Arts?

A work of art is an object of beauty. It is an expression of the artist’s vision and […]

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