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We are the renowned Antique Art Buyers & we are specialized in dealing & appraising every types of antique, vintage & estate arts. Over the years, we have purchased some of the most stunning artworks and paid clients the highest price for the collection. From the year 1972, we have been in this business & had collected uncountable number of fantastic antique paintings.

Therefore, with us, you can be confirmed of getting real amount of the American art by enjoying a smooth, comfortable sale process. Talk to our experts and fix an appointment for a quick evaluation of the item you are looking for selling it instantly.

Consider For the Well-skilled Buyers of Retro Paintings in Palm Beach, Florida

We, modern art buyers, a family-running business is serving quality service from 50+ years & has developed a good reputation in trading sector. We are first-class fine art buyers in Palm Beach offering clients the chance to sell beautiful and lovely ancient fine art items at top dollar. When you come to us, you will get the accurate appraisal from our expertise who are certified by Gemological Institute of America.

We buy antique art at the highest price, offering the best returns which makes our customer depend on us for the services we provide. Also, our staff are knowledgeable, well-trained with several years of experience in evaluating & appraising antique art items or collections.

Need Expert Appraisal On Antique Art – Call Antique Art Buyers Right Away!


So, when trying to sell a painting work to the Asian antique art buyers near me in Palm Beach, it is very important to learn about their history, condition, workmanship through which you can easily value the real selling price of visual art collections. These key points can be found through an appraisal process which can only be performed by highly experienced antique appraisers.

If you have inherited such an item call us for an honest appraisal session. Our experts will appraise it based on various factors & will quote a fair price that will reflects the real worth of the modern paintings that needs to be sold. Call our staff right now and have a conversation for conducting free appraisal session for you.

We are a trusted, authorized dealer providing the best returns on sale of fine art items. Our business offers clients an honest deal, one through which they will be able to sell off their fine artwork through a smooth sale process and gain significant cash returns to meet their financial obligations.

Get your Paintings Evaluated by Reliable Team of Antique Art Buyers


We believe in giving clients the highest satisfaction by arranging for an honest and quiet sale. So, if you are looking out for reliable local art appraisers in Palm Beach, get in touch with our team member to know more about our services. Our expert staffs of American art buyers have dealt with many types of rare paintings and over the years have built a never breaking trust in giving the perfect assessment all across Florida through online and offline platform.

Furthermore, our business is an achiever of being the BBB member with good standing of A+ Rating. So, there is no confusion on trusting us to provide you high quality customer service. Through us, you can be rest assured of getting an honest deal, one with high returns wherein you do not have to wait for long hours.

We pride ourselves in being the best antique art dealers, as we understand the needs of our clients and service them accordingly. When a client comes to us, we talk to them about how we’re going to start the process. After discussion, we’ll ensure about the commencement of further process. Moreover, we appraise such items using in-depth knowledge and assess them along with many factors thus giving a quote that reflects their real intrinsic value.

We are a trusted, authorized Asian art buyers providing the best returns on sale of fine art items. Our business offers clients an honest deal, one through which they will be able to sell off their fine artwork through a smooth sale process and gain significant cash returns.

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