How to Find and Buy American Art: A Guide for Collectors

American art is a diverse and extensive classification that reflects the history, culture, and identity of the United States. American artists have created works that depict their personal experiences, social movements, political events, and artistic visions from the colonial era to the present day. Regardless of your preference, whether it is classic Americana, modern and contemporary art, or vintage and antique art, the American art market has something to offer for everyone.

We will explore some of American art’s main genres and styles and provide tips and resources on how to find and buy American art online and locally. We will also feature examples of American art for sale from different periods and regions and highlight some of the best places to find antique and American art buyers.

What is American Art?

American Art


American art refers to any art created in the United States or by American artists. It is a diverse and dynamic category that reflects the various influences, perspectives, and expressions shaping the American experience. There are several significant genres and styles of American art, including:

  • Native American art: Art forms such as pottery, basketry, textiles, jewelry, masks, carvings, paintings, and sculptures are influenced by the natural environment, spiritual beliefs, and cultural traditions.
  • Colonial art: Art created by European settlers and their descendants in the 17th and 18th centuries, influenced by British and Dutch art. This category includes portraits, landscapes, still lifes, and decorative arts.
  • Federal art: Art created during the early republic period (late 18th to early 19th century) characterized by a classical and neoclassical style inspired by ideals of democracy, patriotism, and rationalism. This genre includes portraits, landscapes, historical paintings, and architecture.
  • Hudson River School: A group of mid-19th-century landscape painters who depicted the natural beauty and grandeur of the Hudson River Valley and other U.S. regions. They were influenced by the Romantic movement and transcendentalist philosophy.
  • American Impressionism: A late 19th and early 20th-century movement that adopted the style of French Impressionists. It depicts scenes of everyday life, urban and rural landscapes, and figures, using bright colors, loose brushstrokes, and natural light.
  • American Realism: A late 19th and early 20th-century movement that portrayed the social and economic realities of the U.S., including urban and industrial conditions, the immigrant experience, and the effects of the Civil War and the Great Depression.
  • American Modernism: An early 20th-century movement experimenting with new forms and techniques, exploring themes of identity, alienation, and innovation. It was influenced by avant-garde movements such as Cubism, Expressionism, Surrealism, and Abstract Expressionism.
  • Pop Art: A 1950s-1960s movement that used images and symbols from popular culture as sources of inspiration and criticism. It challenged the distinction between high and low art, reflecting the postwar era’s mass media and consumer society.
  • Contemporary Art: Late 20th and 21st-century art reflecting a wide range of genres, styles, media, and themes. It is influenced by social, political, and cultural issues, as well as developments in technology, science, and communication.

How to Find and Buy American Art Online

The Internet is a convenient way to discover and purchase American art. Various websites and platforms offer a range of American art pieces for sale, including original artworks, prints, and reproductions. Buying American art online has many advantages, such as access to a large and diverse selection of paintings from different periods, regions, and genres. Additionally, it allows you to compare prices and quality across other sources, search and filter artworks according to style, medium, size, color, subject, and artist, and view high-resolution images, videos, and detailed descriptions of artworks. You can also directly communicate with sellers and artists for inquiries, additional information, and negotiations. Finally, secure and convenient ordering, payment, and delivery options are available.

Some of the best websites and platforms to find and buy American art online are:

  • Antique Art Buyers: A USA-based leading online marketplace for art offering a variety of art types, including American art, Asian art, modern art, and fine art.
  • Artsy: A leading online marketplace featuring artworks from over 4,000 galleries, 700 museums, and 80 art fairs. Artsy covers a wide range of American art, from historical to contemporary, and provides browsing options by category or artist.
  • eBay: A global online marketplace offering a large and diverse selection of American art, from original artworks to prints and reproductions. Users can browse artworks by category or subcategory and use filters for a refined search.

How to Find and Buy American Art Locally

Finding and buying American art locally is also an option if you prefer a hands-on approach before purchasing. Many local places and venues offer a variety of American art for sale, ranging from galleries and museums to auctions and fairs. The benefits of buying American art locally include inspecting artworks in person and appreciating their quality, texture, details, and scale. You also interact directly with sellers and artists to better understand artworks, including their history, meaning, authenticity, and value. You can discover emerging talents and trends by supporting the local art community and economy. Additionally, buying art locally allows one to enjoy art’s social and cultural aspects, such as attending exhibitions, events, and workshops and meeting other art lovers and collectors.

Some of the best places and venues to find and buy American art locally are:

  • Art Galleries: Spaces displaying and selling artworks by various artists, offering a curated and diverse selection from established to emerging and local artists.
  • Art Museums: Institutions collecting, preserving, and exhibiting artworks for public education and enjoyment. Art museums provide a comprehensive overview of the history and development of American art.
  • Art Auctions: Events where artworks are sold to the highest bidder, either online or in person, offering a competitive and exciting way to acquire rare and valuable artworks.
  • Art Fairs: Events where multiple art galleries and dealers showcase and sell artworks to the public, providing a convenient way to browse and compare many artworks.


American art is a fascinating and diverse field offering a rich experience for collectors and enthusiasts. Whether you are interested in traditional Americana, modern and contemporary art, or vintage and antique art, finding and buying American art can be done online or locally. Various websites, platforms, venues, and experts are available to assist. The key is to choose art that suits your taste and budget and brings joy and appreciation.

If you are interested in finding and buying American art, you are invited to visit our website and explore our collection of original artworks by talented and emerging American artists. Contact us for any questions, requests, or advice; we will gladly assist you. We hope you enjoyed this blog and learned something new about American art.

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