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Antique art buyers and antique painting dealers need to learn all about the value of art in order to be successful. Those who are well-versed and highly-skilled are likely to earn a lucrative living while those who don’t learn the trade inside and out will undoubtedly fail. Read on to find out how to stretch your knowledge so you can make the most of your passion as an antique art buyer and/or antique painting dealer.

Antique Art Buyers

Antique art buyers understand what it takes for a painting to be of value. They are not only experts in antiques, but they are also very knowledgeable about art as well. The best antique art buyers are skilled at paying fair prices for pieces and selling them at great prices as well while still bringing in a profit.
Look for antique art buyers who are well-seasoned and who want your business not just one time, but time after time. Those are the buyers who will do you right because they are intent on earning your business in, long term.

Antique Painting Dealers

Antique painting dealers specialize in buying and selling paintings in particular rather than dealing in all realms of art. They typically deal in many types of painting modes such as oil, acrylic, and water colors. Many may have certain eras they prefer but may also dabble in all periods. Some high specialize in niche fields, however, like Victorian oil paintings. You will want to ask an antique painting dealer if they take your type and era of painting before you go to the time and trouble to bring your piece in to be appraised.

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Antique Painting Buyers

Antique painting buyers generally are only interested in buying art. They may or may not resale them. Some are collectors so they keep the paintings for exhibits, for personal pleasure, or for investments. The more you know about the prospective antique painting buyer you are considering doing business with, the better your chance of having a successful experience is.

Antique painting buyers generally have a physical location they do business out of and many also deal online as well. You can find listings online, in the phone book, and by asking others who are antique art enthusiasts.

Antique Painting Buyers

Best Place to Sell Antique Painting

One of the best places to start when you are looking to sell your art is to Google “where to sell my antique paintings.” Internet results will include local antique art buyers and antique painting dealers and buyers as well as national and worldwide ones too. Then, you can sift through them to find the best of the best to contact.

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Many art dealers offer free appraisals online. Simply send in a picture, provide basic information about the piece, and you’ll have an appraisal in no time. Do be careful when conducting business online. It is easy for shady scam artists to con you out of your treasure, leaving you without recourse since they typically have no known address and use false credentials. Look for dealers who have verifiable testimonials and who have been established for a good length of time. Also, check for complaints with the Better Business Bureau. You can also avoid online problems by finding local antique painting buyers and dealers for your art.

If you are pursuing your passion for antique art, be sure to check out Antique Art Buyers. We are a well-established dealer in antique paintings and other antique art. We operate with the utmost integrity have an impeccable reputation in the industry. If you want to get the highest return for your antique art, come see us or contact us by phone or online.

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