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Antique Art Buyers is a reliable and trusted dealer in antique American art. Come to us & sell your precious artwork or collection at the best prices in cash. We value precious American art and have over the years built a large collection of items that is proudly put on display in our shop. With us, you can be sure of getting the best deal you want without a lengthy wait. Whatever be the reason for sale, rest assured you get the best market value from us and are guaranteed high returns upon sale.

Antique American Art
We are trustworthy American art buyers.

It is not uncommon to hear about people wanting to sell their antique art, but are unable to find the right dealer when they need a quick sale to happen. Don’t spend time searching for the best American art buyers. Contact us right away and get a quick evaluation done for either a single piece or an entire collection. You will find that we provide detailed information on the art that you want to sell which will reveal everything about its history, condition, artist, craftsmanship, etc. Many are surprised that what they possess could actually have such high dollar value and thank our skilled experts for their help & are amazed at the domain knowledge they possess.

Getting an antique sold at the right price is a lengthy process, but with Antique Art Buyers it is made quick, simple and easy. We cut short the time spent in searching for the right dealer and in getting an evaluation done. Through us, you can arrange for the item to be sold as soon as possible and will get the best price upon sale.

With us, you will get guaranteed satisfaction as we are reliable, reputable local American art buyers, being authentic American art collectors with collections that have been built over the years. We offer a fair, honest and accurate price on any American art given for evaluation. You will find our quality of service to be impressive as many clients come back to us for their next sale. We have many satisfied clients who have spread the word about our high returns, which has brought back more customers & we welcome referrals & references.

We are authentic American art collectors who also offer online evaluation and sale services. Contact us through an email with photos or fill out the form that we have on the site and we will get back to you with a quote. This service aims to make the all Antique American art sales a faster process. We are the best American art buyers and believe in honest trading and the best pricing, so you can be rest assured of getting a huge return upon sale.

We offer FREE Antique Evaluations & Antique Appraisals.

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In your e-mail, please include as much of the following as possible.

  • A High-Quality photo of your item (taken under natural light is best.)
  • A Description of the item/items. Include a physical description, and any historical knowledge you may have of it along with any information you can share about the item that will help us provide you an accurate evaluation/price of the item.
  • Please include your Phone number, City where the items are located, Your Zip Code.

We will reach out to you ASAP with more details.

We Offer FREE Evaluations If Purchasing as Well as FREE House Calls