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Why sell to Antique Art Buyers?

We are professional antique art buyers who know everything there is to know about the antique market and the different types of antique items. As reputable art dealers, we can confidently state that selling a precious and rare antique art item takes a lot of time, effort as you need experts to help out. With us, you can be assured of making a sale that fetches the true value of the item to be sold. Contact us right away to sell your antique art a value that’s really big and get expected cash returns.


What We Purchase

American Art

Antique Art Buyers is a reliable and trusted dealer in antique American art. Come to us & sell your precious artwork or collection at the best prices in cash. We value precious American art and have over the years built a large collection of items that is proudly put on display in our shop.

Asian Art

Antique Art Buyers is proud to present itself as a reliable, trusted and expert Asian art dealer, having been in this business for decades. If you have any precious, valuable and rare Asian art to sell, come to us right away.

Modern Art

We at Antique Art Buyers buy a wide range of antique art items at the highest prices as compared to other players in the market, so trust us to get the best deal anywhere. If you have been seeking the best place to sell modern art, you have come to the experts.

Fine Art

If you are in need of a quick and expert appraisal, contact us at Antique Art Buyers for the deal you want. With us, you are assured satisfaction and a high cash return for your item. We will buy both a single fine art painting, OR an entire collection, but rest assured that for every sale we make, you get the highest returns.

Antique Painting

Come to us at Antique Art Buyers to sell your antique art & paintings at the highest price.  With us, you can be rest assured of getting the best deal… one that offers the highest price.  Over the years many clients have come to us for a quick sale.

Get an Original and True Appraisal Done From Our Experts

We, Antique Art Buyers are reputed dealers in antiques and offer only the best price for items sold to us. Rest assured that when you come to us, the best possible deal will be offered to you. Precise, exact and accurate are the words that describe our evaluation and many clients who come to us are surprised at how good a price we offer and how quickly the deal is completed. With us, you will get money that reflects your antique’s true worth.

Trusted and Authentic

Whatever be the reason for the sale of your antique we evaluate your item with the utmost care & using our years of expertise. We are authentic, original and reliable antique art collectors, who have over the years garnered a reputation by dealing with some of the most exotic art collections. We pride ourselves in being antique art dealers who have satisfied a vast array of clients, many of whom have come back to us for repeat business. So, call us right away to sell your precious antique at the highest price. Don’t fall prey to the charms of predators or scrap dealers who offer almost nothing for an art item that is so precious and valuable.

Our experts will check your art collection or single piece of artwork and tell you its history, craftsmanship and other details quickly. Through their assistance, you can find out about the real value of your precious artwork and the have it sold for the right price to us. Once you learn what is the background of the artwork from our experts you can better judge whether or not to sell the item.


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