5 Ways to Sell Your Art: The Ultimate Guide

Do you collect antique paintings or have a piece of vintage art you’d like to sell? If you are wondering how to sell antique art, read on to find out five of the best ways to find painting buyers and antique art dealers that will give you the most for your treasure.

What Painting Buyers Recommend?

When it comes to selling your antique art, who knows better than those who are passionate about art, from the associated history and the story behind it to the valuation of it? Antique art dealers are professionals when it comes to referring you to the best spots to sell antique art.

Sell Your Antique Art

Antique Art Dealers

Painting buyers are adamant that they are one of the first sources you will want to go to in order to sell your antique art. They are experts and may very well be your best bet for getting top dollar for your art. Furthermore, if you are attached to your precious piece, you’ll be assured your art is in good hands in the event you sell it to an antique art dealer.

Antique Art Dealers

Sell Antique Art on Consignment

Another option that is tried and true is selling your antique art through a third party who runs a resale business and will pay you when your piece sells. While it does involve a waiting period, holding out for the perfect buyer often results in more revenue. Besides, you won’t have to hassle with selling it yourself.

Sell to Painting Buyers Online

The internet opens doors where you can deal with buyers who aren’t local. You do need to be cautious when doing so, but as long as you don’t give up your painting prior to being paid, you really can’t go wrong. Ebay and other online selling platforms are viable options for you to post photos and information and to attract buyers. You may also want to consider selling it to one of the many online antique buyers instead of selling it on your own.

Painting Buyers

Find Antique Art Dealers

You can do an online search for “art dealers near me” and find local shops to take your art to. An art dealer will look at your piece and make you an offer, usually based upon an appraisal. You can do the same when selling to an art dealer online, except for the fact that, rather than seeing the art in person, it is done through pictures. Be sure to check the authenticity of any online dealer you visit. Look for a good length of time in business and for plenty of verifiable reverence.

Sell In-Person

You can always set up a shop at an antique flea market or even in a brick-and-mortar store. This method of selling is ideal if you have a good amount of antique art you wish to sell, such as if you inherited a number of paintings or have been collecting antique art for decades. There will be some overhead, but if you do the math and see that you can come out ahead, selling in-person is often a great way to sell your antique art.

Things to Remember

When it comes to selling your antique art, don’t get in a rush. It is better to not sell it at all than to get so hasty that you end up getting ripped off. Patience will pay off, and you will end up selling your prized art for the price you are looking for. Taking your time and handling the sale with wisdom is the best way to go, no matter which of the five methods you use.

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