How to Keep Antique Paintings Safe from Damage?

It is to be said that paintings are symbols and representations of emotion and ideas. Passionate artists show the magic of their skills by creating a masterpiece. Although owning a famous old painting is like owning a diamond, which should be protected from any damage, It is because popular pieces are very rare and, when not protected, can lose their value and appearance.

How to keep antique paintings safe from damage?

To give you some helpful advice, we’ve penned down a few proven and tested tips to ensure your precious antique art is kept in pristine condition. Scroll down to explore…

4 Expert Advices to Protect Your Vintage Paintings

As your local art buyers, we’ve purchased countless numbers of American, Asian, fine, modern, and ancient artworks and protected them with the below-mentioned following tips. Moreover, we’re also the best place to sell old artworks that aren’t your favorites & want to get rid off. And, we offer the highest premium price for the rare pieces.

Thus, you can also try these DIY tactics and maintain the precious items like a pro. Let’s try them out…

Keep it in a cool, dry, and dark place

The first thing you’ve to ensure is that your pre-owned artwork is stored in a cool, dry place. This ambiance maintains the precious pieces from getting demolish. Now you must be thinking, “How can I hang it on the wall of my living room with a light?” Relax, you can for sure hang it. Here, we’re talking about direct sunlight. Do not keep the artwork in direct sunlight, as the UV rays of the sun can fade the color and leave it colorless.

Clean the dust with dry clothes

Always remember to never use any cleaner or solvent to clean the dust from paintings. Cleaners can destroy the appearance; instead, wipe it with a dry cotton cloth to eliminate dust and spider web. If the painting is glass-protected, dust it with a wet microfiber cloth. But never clean the newly created artworks without-glass directly with water.

Store paintings separately

Never keep artworks together, i.e., one on one. Keeping everything together can cause the paint to stick together and destroy the painting. You can maintain a 1-inch gap in between framed or unframed artworks to ensure their pristine condition.

Handle with care

Always put on cotton mitts before handling your artwork or the acrylic mounting surfaces. If you do, you run the risk of contaminating them with your skin’s natural oil and fingerprints.

So, these were the tips to protect your ancient artworks from major or minor damage. Also, if you want to clean your paintings, they should always be cleaned by a professional. They’re well aware about how to clean the paintings proficiently and carefully.

Where to Sell Antique Art?

As experts in such work, we’re also expert art appraisers and buyers who also help you find the right price for your antique art. If you want to sell antique paintings online, you can come to us. Furthermore, you can also contact us to know the deepest details about your vintage art and uncover the untold story. See you soon 😉

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